1983 Gould Campbell Vintage Port (4* Broadbent) – NO RESERVE

Winning Bid: £39.00

Single 75cl bottle from an OWC.

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No reserve on this auction.

A delicious mature Vintage Port, drinking really well at the moment.

Some recent Cellartracker notes:

12/27/2018 – Momus99 Likes this wine: 92 Points

This must have been good-A table of 6 nearly finished off the bottle after a very large meal with lots of wine. No detailed notes at the time but still dark and lots of fruit.

9/3/2018 – SSGibson Likes this wine: 92 Points

Still drinking incredibly well. The age gives it a smoothness that only comes with long aging on vintage ports. Everyone around the table sighed after taking their first taste. Glad I have one more to try again in a year or two. 92+

6/12/2018 – Anonymous Likes this wine:

The cork was a mess, but the wine itself was in good shape – surprisingly light and refreshing. I do not have much experience with Vintage Port, so can’t comment knowledgeably, but found it to be very enjoyable. Love the nutty earthy nose. Only downside was a slightly hot finish. Otherwise, very good. Day 3: tasting and especially smelling even better. Wish I had more of these because I’d love to come back to it in another 5-8 years.

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2020-01-16 13:05:33£39.00The Wine Cru
2020-01-16 13:05:33£36.00Vintage 1 Auto
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2020-01-16 13:05:23£31.00The Wine Cru
2020-01-15 20:42:52£27.00Vintage 1
2020-01-15 08:25:22£23.00rread
2020-01-15 08:25:22£22.00Jack B Auto
2020-01-14 19:16:44£19.00Jack B
2020-01-10 12:10:26£15.00Lafite
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2020-01-09 14:47:04£5.00Amphora
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